Consultation service; pre- and post customer support

Investing in alpacas is not an impulsive decision. Draw on Gavin’s 12 years of hands on experience. Experience has also been gained by visiting breeders in 6 countries, attended overseas conferences, receiving most of the alpacas magazines printed around the world, and the numerous selections for importation. His world wide connections are also eager to answer any questions and give advise.

Importation service

It is not cost effective to import small numbers, and there is an inordinate amount of red tape linked to the process. African Alpacas has imported over 260 alpacas for most of the breeders in SA. There are unscrupulous dealers (not actually breeders) out there ready to take advantage of a novice purchaser. All imported alpacas must be inspected and be compliant with the SA Breed Standards. Please discuss your needs, large or small.

Shearing service

The annual shearing is early November each year. Breeders in the area are invited to bring their alpacas to Inca Vale Farm where farm manager at Schlebusch now does the shearing. The fleece is sorted into the prime saddle and seconds, and a fibre sample is taken for analysis at their Port Elizabeth laboratory. He is skilled in shearing with minimum stress to the alpacas. Fleeces are best cleaned prior to shearing. We also offer a mobile shearing service.

Agistment (Boarding) Services

Boarding services include feeding and all animal husbandry done 'in house', including routine vaccinations, deworming, toenail trimming and treatment of minor ailments. Boarded alpacas receive the same treatment and care as those belonging to African Alpacas. Shearing, fibre processing, remating and specific veterinary treatments are additional.

Current boarding charge R300 per alpaca per month + VAT. R260 per month for 10 or more. Cria are inclusive until they are weaned at around 6 months. Remating is at 2/3 of current stud fees.

Brokerage service for sellers

African Alpacas has an extensive data base of people enquiring for more information on alpaca ownership. This is the result of regular articles in the media and attending agricultural shows in the area. Boarders and other breeders use our services to sell alpacas. Any sales attract a commission of 3–8%, depending on the value of the sale.

Training and practical workshops

Inca Vale Farm has a seminar room and offers regular lectures from experts in their field, both locally and on occasion from abroad. Practical husbandry and halter training demonstrations are arranged, and guidance given in fleece sorting and handling.

Groups are welcome to book a tour of the farm and view its workings, and receive a short talk from Gavin on aspects of the industry.

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