Alpaca is considered to be a rare specialty fibre. Worldwide approximately 4000 tons of alpaca fibre is produced each year in comparison to 5000 tons of Cashmere, 8500 tons of Angora rabbit and 22,000 tons of Mohair. Peru is the world's main alpaca producer and exports most of its clip as either raw fibre or high quality finished product.

Alpaca fibre is silky, soft, supple and smooth to the touch. It is prized for its unique silky feel and luxurious handle.

Alpaca is classified in 12 distinct colours which can be blended into an infinite array of natural shades. It is unusually strong and resilient, and the strength does not diminish as it becomes finer. It is easily dyed any colour and always retains its natural lustre. Each fibre contains microscopic air pockets which creates lightweight clothing with good insulating values.

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